Popular Real Estate Property Management Software


Real Estate Property Management Software

We may be in the digital age where online products can help buyers find a great property at a great price through a listed database, but that’s not the only way technology can change real estate games.

Access to real estate management software.

From tracking rentals and vacancies to managing contracts and insurance, real estate management software solutions help you maintain and organize payments, tenants and even build your own real estate website.

With real estate software, you can move from managing multiple properties to more than 50 properties, maintaining order and understanding what happens to each property.

There are many real estate management tools out there; Beit El Watan catalog has more than 200 products. Sorting these options by yourself can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Sometimes the best way is to check what others are buying to determine what these solutions can offer. To you.z

I described the Five most popular real estate management software solutions that determine their popularity based on SEO ratings, social presence and number of reviews.

1. Commercial Real Estate in 360 Workplaces is Calculated on An Accrual Basis

360 Workplace as a system (providing facility maintenance management, space management, construction project software, and rental management) for those who want to manage real estate with a single solution.


Users can monitor critical assets and inventory, track vendor interactions, observe construction goals and progress, ensure cost compliance, unlimited number of users, and a cloud-based platform, meaning users can access 360 Workwhere anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection.


The 360Workplace is designed with enterprise real estate in mind, so small businesses looking for more personalized solutions should look elsewhere.


Prices don’t appear on the public list, but if you’re interested, you can schedule a demo or contact the accrual Customer Support team for more information.

2. Applications for Property Manager Applications

This cloud-based property management system is good for realtors who want to monitor property anytime, anywhere on the fly. In addition to a proprietary portal, you can manage everything and view reports, the software also allows you to create professional websites for your property.


Reviewers praised the software for its ease of use and customer service. They also reported that the company listened to user feedback and updated the software to respond.


Several users refer to multiple different features that they want to see added, indicating that AppFolio is a bit of work in progress. Other users want support to be more responsive.


Appfolio charges $1.25 per unit, monthly residential usage fee and $1.50 commercial fee. For student housing, this cost is $1.25 and for community associations it is $0.80.

3. By Building Property Management Software

Integrated control panel

Used by over 12,000 property managers and 175,000 property owners in 46 countries, building management is the industry’s first choice.


Buildium software is responsible for accounting, commercial operations and leasing. Users can monitor business expenses, make and accept online payments, and file 1099 in the tax season. Application, run tenant filtering and store documents in the cloud. buildium also helps users create their own website to host rental lists.


Some comments point out that the setup time may be a bit long and refer to the user’s initial learning curve that was used for the first time.


The Buildium price model is classified by numbers of units and can be paid monthly or annually, with an annual cost higher than the monthly installation. Prices range from $45 to $1800 per month or $540 to $21,600 per year. You can also try it for free.

4. Planon Real Estate Management Plans

Planon Real Estate Management is intended for medium, large and global companies that want to organize their data in a more structured and useful way.


Planon also provides processes such as transaction management that allow users to create and evaluate scenarios for more effective financial planning. and identify opportunities for potential savings. For those who want to eliminate dependency on spreadsheets, Planon offers a centralized, easy-to-use control panel for better management.


Because the solution is suitable for medium and large businesses, Planon may not be ideal for small businesses.


Interested people can request a software demo, but pricing information is not available.

5. MRI software for Operating Speed of Ownership Operations

Property Options Work Speed is a popular option of real estate management software

Control panel for the operating speed of the property

MRI operates properties with more than 2,700 customers worldwide, covering risk management, business analysis and visitor management.


This property management solution addresses all the essentials for maintaining multiple properties. Operations Property Work Speed Users have access to equipment libraries and warranty contract management components to ensure timely maintenance and inspection.


Workspeed is a basic solution that doesn’t allow much customization, which means you may have to rely on other MRI solutions to build this platform.


The price is not public, but you can request a free personalized quote through your website.


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