Development of a Blood Bank Management System

Development of a Blood Bank Management System


The process of managing blood bags received from blood donation events requires appropriate and systematic management. Blood bags should be handled carefully and thoroughly, as they are associated with someone’s life.

It is recommended to develop a web-based blood bank management system (BBMs) for use in there is only one public hospital on the east coast of Malaysia to operate blood banks, and a separate system is being used. This network management system is designed to comply with the Application of the Sudan Nurzahira Hospital (HSNZ). Another hospital may have different ways and means of handling blood bags.

1. Introduction

The term “blood bank” refers to a laboratory department of the hospital in which the storage of blood products is carried out and carries out appropriate tests to reduce the risk of transfusions related events (Vikas Kulshreshtha, Sarah of Maheshwari).

Pathology is one of the most important departments of the Sudan Nur Zahira Hospital (HSNZ).

Before the blood is fed to the patient, the blood will undergo several tests to ensure that the blood receptor is not seriously infected.

Diseases, the sector operates in several units, such as blood cell units, blood transfusion units, blood distribution units.

Every month, HSNZ organizes blood donation activities, which is one of the ways they can increase the volume of blood.

The Blood Bank Management System (BBMS) is a web-based system that facilitates blood bag information during blood bank processing.

The system can also provide donors with information on the results of blood tests. As a result, BBMs will make the stock of blood banks more systematic and easy to handle.

2. Statement of the Question

The percentage of blood donors increases every day, in recognition of the fact that blood is donated to those in need. The received blood should be given thoroughly so that the recipient does not adversely affect it after receiving it.

Based on observations and interviews conducted at the user’s request stage, it was found that there was no interaction between HSNZ and the public to announce their blood donation calendar.

Every month’s schedule is on the board in the blood room. Therefore, they are using manual methods to notify the schedule.

Problems arise when the provided space is not enough. Used to inform staff about the, As a result, the writing often becomes unclear.

The public has no knowledge of blood donation. To monitor these efforts, we will build BBMs interfaces so that blood cell workers can post information about blood donation events.

3. Review of the Literature

They are the Blood Bank India (BBI) at, Lions Blood Bank & Research Foundation (LBBRF) from and a previous BBMS standalone version

LBBRF is a private organization that serves as a place to donate blood. They are responsible for people or patients who need blood.  Blood transfusion is as safe as possible.

At the Bank of Lions and the Research Foundation, they will ensure the availability of blood banks. They also posted the current status of blood banks on the home page of their website. This is to keep site visitors, especially donors, aware of blood needs.

They also inform donors and the public when, where and where their next event is. However, this blood bank does not provide facilities for donors or patients.

Therefore, they can not know how many times they donate blood. As for donors, they do not know the results of blood tests each time they donate blood. Without this characteristic, donors cannot control their own health. This will leave donors without knowledge of their state of health.

4. Methodology

The method of development of BBMs has been chosen to be a reasonable unification process (RUP) of Noushin Ashrafi, hesitant son Ashrafi and reasonable unification process

By using this method, if there is any change in demand or misunderstanding of the requirements given by the pathological department.

They are the beginning, the elaboration, the construction, and the transition.



BBMs are developed to ensure that the management of the blood bank is effective, systematic and meets the needs of users. Versions include profile management, blood bank administration, and blood test administration.

At the next stage, we will develop a portable and modified BBMs version based on the Android operating system. The modified version will include the history of the user’s self-monitoring status profile.

With this feature in BBMs, it is easier to make any correction of blood vessels if there are incorrect details, make any changes if there are any changes in the specified position or date.

One of the factors that the public is afraid to donate blood is that they believe in myths. They always believe in the myth that if they donate their blood, they will become fat, if they donate their blood, their blood will become less in total, they will become pale. Provide more information to educate the public about the adverse effects of blood donation. By increasing public awareness, will increase voluntary blood donation.

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