How much does custom HR Software Development Cost

How much does custom HR Software Development Cost

The larger the enterprise with human resources management systems, the greater the reliance on human resources management systems. In this article, we will show you how much the development of human resources software costs, as well as the schedule of such a project and what resources you will use. There is a need to build a system that truly enables you to manage your human resources. First, let’s discuss the type of HRIS (Human Resources Information System) and how to use these solutions in general.

 HR Software Types

Today, the human resources management software market is full of products. Human resources software can help you track and report on almost any type of process — from employee entry to performance management. Among the various software solutions currently available, we can distinguish between three main types of HRIS, HCM (HRM) and Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS).

  • HRIS systems track complex data connected with the recruitment process, performance management, benefits administration, and payroll. The two most popular HRIS solutions are BambooHR and the open-source OrangeHRM.
  • HCM systems help HR departments acquire employees and invest in their development through quality onboarding, performance tracking, and salary planning. Zugata is an application that offers advanced solutions for managing staff performance and evaluation.
  • HRMS systems offer similar functionality to HCM systems: primarily, HRMS systems deal with payroll, time, and labor management. Some HRM systems, such as Zenefits, provide their users with more advanced features including employee onboarding, offboarding, and automated alerts.

While we have defined three different types of human resources instruments, all three provide a common set of core functions. In general, HRS is a “parent” type that includes the functionality of HRM and HCM systems. When choosing HR management software for your company, the system name doesn’t matter, what matters is the functionality it provides.

How do Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) work?

Since HR information systems provide most of the features, we will study them in detail. HRS software is sometimes called “Talent Management” software because it manages the entire cycle of employees, the steps that we will describe.

  • 1. Recruitment
  • 2. Onboarding
  • 3. Performance Tracking
  • 4. Benefits Management
  • 5. Training
  • 6. Payroll


Human resources are at the heart of every company. If a company succeeds, it should be attributed to employees. In addition, the execution of a successful business means well-designed processes. a tool to ensure that everyone in the company has the right information and uses the right information. The software has been developed for human resources management systems and companies can now adapt the software to their needs and culture.

Creating customized HR software allows companies to create an application that suits their needs and free them from the license price that eventually becomes very expensive. Building human resources software has many advantages. Identify and design each entity according to its process.

In general, the most popular features of hr software are:

  • Payroll Management
  • Hiring and Recruitment management
  • Talent and career management
  • Wellness and rewards management
  • Time management


Now that we have defined the modules to include in our Human resource management system software, we are going to estimate the cost of developing such software. Since HR software is a web application or a mobile application or both, the HR software development process is exactly like any other web application or mobile application development process. The development methodology and the estimation technique used are similar to those used for web application development.

To sum up, during this estimation we are going to consider HR software with the following modules:

  • Payroll management module
  • Hiring management module
  • Talent management module
  • Wellness and rewards management module
  • Time management module

Today, the way employees interact with their work has changed, and more and more employees have access to their work and job-related information through their mobile devices. The mobile version of the hr software may be useful.

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