Chatbots are coming for CRM: Is your business ready?

Whether asking for food or asking for advice related to investments or funds, people can deal with Chatbots CRM at certain times of the day. For those who are indifferent to technological news in the recent past may be surprised to see chatbots revolutionize customer support games and services, as we know it in an unprecedented way.

While CRM software is a great tool when it comes to automation and rationalization of marketing and sales operations, Chatbots have the potential to drive their CRM strategy ahead of the curve. This is why more and more brands use the power of Chatbots to drive sales and improve customers. Satisfaction and conversion rates.

Yes, CRM has a unique positioning to get the benefits of IA-powered chatbots. Here’s how Chatbots can restore customer relationship management, no matter what industry you operate in:

  • Improve conversion rates

Since Chatbots can handle everyday and tedious tasks, the sales representatives can focus on the most important thing, that is, sales. Yes, the sales representative can get more time to focus on key tasks, such as meeting prospects and customers, and finally closing more sales for your business. That is, within five minutes of the first contact leads participants converting them to customers can be achieved through Chatbots.

Artificial intelligence Chatbots can provide 24/7 customer service, paving the way for a five-minute response, no matter how many hours, ultimately leading to more clues. Now, more clues deduct more sales!

  • Smart CRM

You need to log in to the system, change input information through multiple Dashboards/Tabs and CRM screens, save it, etc., which certainly requires effort and time. He’s using a bloated system with a lot of data. In fact, the time and effort spent here can be used to show the future.

Integrating Chatbot into your CRM system can solve this problem. One of the biggest advantages of a Chatbot CRM is a single message window in which a person can write their message as if they were in a messenger.

In addition, Chatbots can continuously pass important workflows and record responses seamlessly in the system. CRM Chatbots will organize all critical tasks and follow planned activities to help sales reagents manage their time more efficiently.

  • Customer Intelligence

CRM Chatbot can also be integrated with messaging, email, social media and business management applications such as ERP to retrieve basic data from different sources. This data can be anything from dissatisfaction, preferences, transaction history, purchase behavior, user activity, and profiles. Chatbots obtains all this information to give the customer an overview while helping identify trends. Talk about customer intelligence!

  • Takeaway 

Chatbots can return to customer queries at a rate that humans can’t. In addition, Chatbots that link to social networks will help fast and transparent customer verification and can quickly remember previous conversations. Customers are the key to repeat business and success.


As stated in the Business Insider report, 80% of businesses plan to incorporate chatbots into their systems by 2020.

Integrating a chatbot with your CRM and other enterprise systems allow for automation of many routine tasks like:

  • Answering customer questions
  • Setting reminders for deadlines and important events
  • Scheduling meetings among multiple participants
  • Filling data into the CRM without the necessity to log in
  • Analyzing omnichannel information
  • Creating a 360-Degree customer view

And many more functions that will allow you to increase the efficiency of your business.


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