How Much Dose It Cost To Build an App Like Anghami


How Much Dose It Cost To Build an App Like Anghami

Anghami is the music and entertainment mobile app industry founded in 2012 and headquartered in Beirut and Dubai. The company aims to provide pleasant music for music lovers in East and North Africa audiences. listen to unlimited music with the help of a mobile application by implementing a perfect experience.

The mobile app allows users to stream, share and download to their enthusiasts, friends, and family.

Anghami became the number one music app in the Mena region with 30 million songs and over 65 million users downloaded. Basic plan without internet

Cost of Developing Musical Apps Such as Anghami:

The actual cost of Anghami music, such as app development or any online music streaming application development, depends on the following main factors:

Features of the application Anghami
  • App Platform:

The cost of developing an app like Anghami is based on a different platform; Android costs higher honesty than ios platform because basically it has more things to verify.

  • Application Maintenance:

Once the application development design is over, you definitely need the professional support of your developers.

  • Application features:

Basic features such as user profiles, image uploads and advanced features such as data synchronization, push notifications, features, etc.

Payment options for the application – enter the application using a mobile wallet to start paying almost immediately, without any difficulties. It includes this feature to incite additional costs but obviously comes with its benefits.

  • Application design:

An application is created by engaging and supporting customers while maintaining ease of use. You need advanced technology and support, which is usually a higher price.

  • Application cost:

Essentially, the cost of developing an application like Anghami depends on a wide range of qualities, such as application structure and developer fees, features, department, and market location.

  • Application Developer:

The cost of developing an application like Anghami depends on a good and experienced specialist since its location and experience also affect the development of the application.

How much do we charge for developing music streaming applications like Anghami?

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Our mobile app development experts turn your ideas into a real app to meet consumers’ needs or business intentions. Experience.

If you are looking for a reliable company of music streaming application developers to create applications like Angami, contact our Kite Agency for more information about our services.


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