How much it cost for Zoho CRM


Zoho Pricing Plans

Zoho CRM divides its price plan into five categories: Free, Standard, Professional and Ultimate.

Each concurrency plan comes with price increases, as well as a wider range of useful features to help you run different aspects of your business more efficiently.

  • The free version is naturally free and gives you the basics of CRM software. This includes account, contact, and contact management features, as well as standard reporting and analysis.
  • Standard price plan starting from $12 per user/month with a monthly contract of $18 users/month. The program offers a free version of everything, as well as scoring rules, email information and improves the personalization of the entire platform.
  •  Professional price plan from $20 per month/user/month with $30 monthly contract per user/month. The program offers the same features as above, combined with inventory management, Google ad integration, and process management features.
    management capabilities.
  • The business price plan, from $35 per month/user/month with monthly contract $45 per month per user contract, is firmly applicable to large companies. It is equipped with a range of auto-driven features such as Session AI and Auto Responder.
  • The final version plan is also available, offering enhanced storage and advanced customization. This program is perfect for large companies with many CRM needs.

Zoho CRM pricing model is very simple and stacked features can be easily expanded when needed. We can tell you now that sticking to professional standards or plans might be your best move if you’re just getting started.


Zoho Cost Per User

As you may have noticed, Zoho CRM charges users per user, monthly, unlike other CRM platforms on the market today. For example, the standard Zoho plan will cost you $12/user/month ($18/user/month if you choose a monthly contract) and there is no upper limit for users.

Most CRM software vendors, and most commercial software providers choose this option to charge because you can easily scale your software as your business scales.

For example, if you are a company with only five employees using a standard plan of $12 per month for Zoho users, your annual cost will be only $720 (offering you to sign an annual contract). However, if you have a team of about 20 employees using the same software, your annual cost will increase to $2,880.

Basically, when deciding the price, there is no need to worry about how big the equipment is, because the design of each plan runs at the same time as the size of your business. It is more important to understand what features in each program, and we will delve into the next step.


Zoho Standard Costs

In addition to the free version, the standard Zoho price plan is the most affordable and basic of all available options. $12 per user per month, when you register for an annual contract and $18 users/monthly contract, you will be able to get the essential elements of CRM software in the industry at an absolutely competitive price.

As far as other features are concerned, you won’t have access to many. Basics include workflow conversions, customizable reporting and fields, as well as email information, all of which are standard leads, contacts, and account management tools you find in any CRM software.

Zoho Standard is best suited for small businesses that want to enter CRM software games beyond free mode.


Zoho Professional Costs

If you are looking to go beyond the basics and have more money to spend,  Zoho Professional Pricing Plan is probably your best choice. At $20 per month, $30 per month/user/month, monthly contracts, the program certainly will not break the bank, you will have access to some unique features that make Zoho CRM so popular.

You can access the process management feature blueprint (shown in the image below), which makes it easier to understand how computers use step-by-step screens to manage leads, contacts, and accounts.

You’ll also get access to additional automation features, such as notifications and field updates. Plus, with Google Ad integration, you can house all your advertising needs in one platform.

Zoho Professional is perfect for companies that want to expand in the future. With enough features to have a significant impact and lower price points than your enterprise-level peers, you can really hack your CRM workflow without breaking the bank.


Zoho Ultimate Edition Costs

The Zoho Ultimate Edition stands alone as a huge – and expensive – upgrade within the Zoho CRM family of pricing plans. At more than twice the cost of the most expensive plan available, you’ll be paying upwards of $100/user/month for a full year, since this plan is exclusively available with a yearly contract.

The Ultimate Edition doesn’t exactly add more features – rather, it increases the capabilities of other features for larger companies.


Does Zoho Have a Free Plan?

Yes, Zoho does offer a free plan. You’ll get access to the most basic of CRM software features, like lead, contact, and account management.

You don’t get access to customizable fields, additional storage, or any of the analytics and reporting features outside of simple graphs.

Plus, while most Zoho plans allow you to integrate with a number of third-party apps, the Free Edition limits you to just the Zoho family of apps.

If you are looking to test out Zoho before you buy, though, the Free Edition is the perfect place to start. You can give a small team access to the basic feature set, and get a feeling for whether or not the software can improve your business.

Then, once you’ve made your decision, upgrading to a paid plan – ideally at a yearly rate to save some money – will feel like less of a risk because you’re already familiar with the basics.


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