What is Booking.com?

In general, booking.com is an online travel agency. It’s a business model that sells the room to the client and then gets a commission. Commission-based services even offer 24/7 multilingual support and sell your property on a variety of search engines.

However, tourism has changed considerably over the last decade. It seems that Daejeon has become a technology company, where many new technologies must be used to create a more competitive advantage. They must research and develop customer knowledge.

Booking.com is the largest selection of hotels, residential holidays and business rentals.

In addition, it is free to register booking.com and take your fingertips from hotel guests who book more than 1.5 million rooms per day per night. Available in more than 40 languages, the site has more than 950,000 participating attributes. Let your business listed on the site is as easy as filling out the form, it will be immediately available for reservations and comments.

The features of system like Booking.com


5 important booking system features.


  • A calendar

    The booking form on your website must contain a visual calendar that allows guests to see their availability and book the desired time directly. It should be clear from the calendar what rooms are available, what dates and prices

  • Images

    Of course, a beautiful picture of your room, as well as of your property itself, is indispensable. Make sure your booking system can add photos to the booking form on your website so that your guests can clearly understand what services you offer and reduce the need for them to contact you to ask questions about your product.

  • Multiple payment options

    Not everyone feels comfortable leaving our credit card information online. Your booking system must support other payment options such as Ideal and PayPal to make the booking convenient for all your guests.

  • Discount & Gift Vouchers

    Not only do you want to promote marketing campaigns such as promotions or coupon code gifts, but you also want to track the performance of those campaigns. It depends on the backup software to achieve this goal.

  • Language and currencies

    You want your guests to use your booking form easily when booking holidays. Therefore, you need to retrieve information about your product as easily as possible.

Merchant business model

In this model, the travel site acts as a merchant, and the booking is made on the site. Usually, OTAs buys a large number of hotels or hotel rooms, and then resells these rooms from their website or app. Expedia is mainly based on this business model, which accounts for more than $5 billion in revenue, but Expedia also uses other models.

Agency business model

In this model, travel sites act as intermediaries between travelers and service providers, charging commissions for each transaction. Most of the booking.com revenue comes from this business model. its property on the site. booking.com then charges 10% to 30% of each transaction. Booking.com also uses commercial and advertising models, but the agency model dominates.

How much it cost to make a system like Booking.com

This is a favorite topic for all founders of startups, because, as a rule, they begin to promote their ideas on a limited budget. But it is not possible to accurately estimate the cost of development.

Preliminary estimates suggest that the cost of developing an online hotel reservation site can range from $10,000 to $60,000. The fee is based on:

  • Project functionality
  • Design
  • The development company and its location
  • The technology used
  • The number of hours that programmers and other specialists work on the project
  • Technical difficulties that may arise

If you want to get a really cool project, make sure that you entrust your development to a team that knows what they’re talking about.

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