How much it cost to make app like SWVL?

The application of electronic applications has become more important in the lives of everyone after the spread of millions of applications on electronic stores began to use to facilitate life, and the SWVL application is an important application for some is like the application of Uber and Careem.

To provide transport services for all, but provides Swvl transport service and the use of buses To provide the cost to citizens.

How to Make SWVL App?

We reached the point of app development. You can develop a carpooling service on your own or find a good development company. In the beginning, you should determine MVP features for starting the SWVL business.  However, you may use also our mobile app cost calculator to have an idea of your future app cost.

For its part, the concept of group transport is no longer bad because it provides a professional service that is suitable for all users and provides convenience for them. It provides many services such as the Uber and CAREEM  system, including communication with the driver, And its prices are suitable for all and fit the living conditions and expenses, which we have.

Steps on how to start SWVL business:

If you want to know how to create SWVL app, follow these steps below:

  • Step 1. Find out the pros and cons of  SWVL app development.
  • Step 2. Define your niche to build a right SWVL app.
  • Step 3. Conduct a marketing analysis to make the SWVL app.
  • Step 4. Choose the business model for your app.
  • Step 5. Find the appropriate monetization way.
  • Step 6. Mind to settle required legal issues.
  • Step 7. Add MVP to your SWVL app.

Advantages SWVL:

The Swvl application features group transport services for all users.

  • It is suitable for everyone.
  • It uses mass transport and special buses.
  • Faces the problem of overcrowding in Cairo, which suffers from all.
  • The app is available on the Google Play Store and you can view all the data related to it.
  • It is free to download without paying any fees or money.
  • Easy to use the application without complexity.
  • It features the ability to communicate with the driver and determine the starting line and access.
  • It does not include the appearance of ads while using it and some people are upset.
  • The application of Uber and CAREEM is very different, but it is a collective means.
  • The application does not take up space on the phone and can considered important app.

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