How to Build a ChatBot


How to Build a ChatBot

1. Learn more about AI technology chatbot opportunities

First, let yourself know about the opportunities for chatbots with AI technology.

Companies are always thinking about using new robotics technologies in their business, so they need a way to think about what types of work can be improved or automated with AI solutions.

Artificial intelligence solutions can focus on two criteria: data for specific types of work activity and complexity of work.

Double data analysis and complexity of work lead to four types of activity: innovation, expert, efficiency, and efficiency.

2. Understand the Goals of Your Customers

First of all, you need to know why to develop chatbots and what ChatBots should do.

A clear idea of this will help the designer create a dialogue aimed at achieving the goal.

Designers will be easier to design conversations with chatbots if they know the purpose of chatbot development.

3. ChatBots Conversation Design

Chatbot interaction is divided into structured and unstructured interactions.

Structuring dialogues involve more of the logical flow of information. Includes options, menus, and forms are taken into account.

On the other hand, unstructured dialog flows have free plain text. Conversations with staff, relatives, friends and other familiar people are classified in this paragraph.

You need to follow scripting for these messages. Instead, developing a script for messages, it should be remembered that the subject of the conversation must be close to the purpose of the chatbot to achieve.

The designer must interpret the user’s responsibility to create a script for the session user interface.

The design also pays attention to close-up conversations that are easier to handle and loose conversations, which allow customers to engage in conversations naturally.

4. Choosing the right chatbot platform

Although the most powerful platform can easily build chats. All platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages and specific purposes.

To facilitate your choice, we have provided you with a list of the best platforms for the development of chatbots:

  • Botsify:

This platform uses drag-and-drop templates to develop bots that make a chatbot. Known features are also available, such as simple integration through artificial intelligence, plug-ins, machine learning, and analytical integration.

  • Chatfuel:

Chatfuel provides features such as adding content cards and automatically sharing updates with your followers, collecting information on messaging chat forms, and allowing users to request information and interact with their chatbot with buttons.

  • Beep Boop:

It is known for providing an end-to-end developer experience, allowing users to focus on developing large chatbots.

This platform is considered the best and easiest way to develop a relaxation robot.

  • Flox XO:

Turned out to be the only chatbot platform that offers more than 100 integrated chatbot platforms. It is known for its easy-to-use visual editor.

  •  Motion AI:

This platform has visual construction, train and deploy chatbots on flabby, FB messenger, smoothed, or your website.

It will allow you to draw a conversation flow as a flowchart to provide an intuitive overview of the results of the robot query.

  • Bottr:

This platform extends the option for your bot to embed your website. It will also allow you to add media data, Wikipedia sites or WordPress for better data coverage.

  • QnA Maker:

Microsoft has developed QnA bot, you need to share the URL of your FAQ page and the bot will develop QnA bot based on the information from the FAQ page and structured data in a short time (a few minutes).

  • Chatty People:

You have a predefined chatbot that you can start. The site has templates for customer support, e-commerce and food business.

If you choose an e-commerce chatbot, then you just need to add questions and answers, products and some general settings.

  • Botkit:

This platform has many useful tools, including repetitive application input kit, Botkit studio, central library and plugins to expand the functionality of your robot.

  • Recast.AI | Collaborative Bot Platform:

This platform allows you to train, develop and run your robots. Develop and manage your conversation logic with robot-generated robots and streaming visual interfaces that help you set up a fast response flash.


The platform has pre-built features that allow you to easily add messages, content, fill out forms, discuss, display products and so on to your robot.

  • ChatterOn:

can help you configure the bot process and configure the AI by introducing several examples of the expected dialog between the bot and the user.

  •  Gupshup:

This innovative smart messaging platform has structured data and intelligence, not in plain text messages, this is an out-of-box feature that makes chatbots. As a result, it enables advanced messaging and automation workflows.


This platform integrates multiple platforms. It includes tracking requests and conversations, full user, and has its own NLP analysis engine.


If you want to take your business to the next level, then you need to develop a chatbot. To do this, you have to hire chatbot developers who can build smart chatbots to perform complex tasks in a simple way.


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