How to Hire a Front-end Developer?


How to Hire a Front-end Developer?

The task of front-end developers is to build web parts that we see and interact with every day.

You will see the work of front-end developers every time you load and use a website on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

To help you stand out from the top candidates, here’s a guide on finding and hiring front-end developers.

Fresher front-end developer

  • HTML/CSS: Understanding HTML and CSS is a basic requirement for front-end developers. HTML means hypertext markup language, which is used to create web pages. It is the most basic block needed for web development.

CSS stands for cascading stylesheets and is the basic coding language for front-end development. Developers use CSS to style the font, color, and layout of HTML pages.

  •  Javascript/jQuery: JavaScript helps you define the functionality of a webpage. If you need to add interactive features including games, audio, and video, page animations, scrolling, etc, know that JavaScript is a must for front-end developers.

jQuery is a library consisting of several plugins and extensions. It makes JavaScript web development easy in many ways. jQuery can compress multiple lines of JavaScript into a single line of code.

  • CSS Preprocessors: If you want to start your career as a front-end developer, you must have knowledge of CSS preprocessors. Without the preprocessors, CSS is incomplete. The CSS preprocessors like Sass, LESS, or Stylus make CSS more viable and advanced with upcoming functionalities.
  • Version/GIT: Any front-end developer must consider versioning, allowing you to record file changes. It helps to call specific versions as needed.
  • Responsive Design: Remember the days when we only use the desktop to view web pages? Today we visit pages of multiple devices such as phones, tablets, and computers with monitors of different sizes. Have you noticed how the website fits a variety of devices? This is where the responsive layout appears. Therefore, any front-end developer should understand the principles of responsive design and how to really apply them.


Experienced Front-end developer

If you are hiring an experienced front-end web developer, he/she should know version 6 of the scripting language ECMA (ES6). This is nothing more than the enhanced name of the standard and javascript. With more features than JavaScript, ES6 simplifies large-scale software development.


Highly Qualified Front-end developers

If you hire a front-end developer in your organization for a senior position, he/she should know the evidence-based development (TDD). TDD is an agile programming and design technique. In TDD, developers first write tests before creating the code. Produce the code until it passes the test.

Soft Skills

In addition to these technical capabilities, a good front-end web developer must have some basic software skills. An enthusiast must love web development and must have the communication and teamwork skills to collaborate within the team.

In service-based companies, developers have the opportunity to interact directly with customers. Therefore, having good communication skills is like freezing in the cake.

In short, we can say that a good web developer must have these basic skills to contribute to a great user interface. The front-end development industry has a lot of technology. Having these basic skills will be easily trained to prepare you to develop new front-end technologies.

Clarion attracts the best talents in the market, not only in one field but also on different platforms. In addition to the above qualities, we have developed problem-solving skills for our developers and transparent interaction with our customers, which has strengthened more than 1000 small businesses worldwide.


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