Increase Your Return Visit Through Push Notification

Increase Your Return Visit Through Push Notification

The first thing that resonates best with mobile users is push notifications, or better, creative push notifications. These are the best marketing tools for any brand with mobile apps, allowing you to stay in touch with your users and re-engage them back into the app.

Push Notifications is a new product focused on monetizing websites and providing push notification services. Push notifications appear in small windows on the screen of the user’s device (PC, phone, tablet, etc.) and generate high conversion rates and website interaction.


  •  Extensive media notifications

The first push notification we recommend, called rich push notifications, can help you increase user interaction.

Plain text has a way of fading in the background, even if the copy is at the point.

Fortunately, with the latest developments on iOS and Android OS, you can now include a rich multimedia attachment where you send notifications such as photos, GIFs, video, audio or other interactive elements. In addition, you can include a deep link to animate a clickable response to a specific message.

This can help the user do something while providing value from their app (even outside of the app!)

  •  Contextual push notifications (using API)

Now you can take your custom process to the next level with updated cultural push notifications.

Basically it takes advantage of public and private APIs to extract relevant information in your message. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless.

The API will allow you to get personalized information from third-party data sources that you can use to personalize your campaigns.

Let’s say you have so far been creating 2 or 3 variants for your email newsletter to send to your general audience.

Now, with these push notifications, you can create separate variants for each user, which will be highly customized.

  •  Action Push Notifications

If you want to increase your retention rate by sending push notifications, you need to go one step further. You can try to act as a push notification, a message sent in response to a specific action taken by the user.

Since the message is not a silver bullet, be careful about the type of content you send to the user and when.

So what is a behavior trigger? Behavior push notifications are triggered by user-specific actions related to push notifications sent at a specific time.

Therefore, if the user is not using the application in a few days, he can send a push to invite them back. This means you can develop custom campaigns based on specific actions in your app.


  •  Geo-surrounded push notifications

Defining the right time and content is critical to sending push notifications. A new way to do this is through geo-closure.

It is the process of delivering unprecedented levels of customization by sending notifications based on high-precision locations.

Businesses often use geofencing technology in combination with push notifications to drive sales for customers who download applications.

The application can track the location of the user and, of course, his permission. The next step is to send a timely push notification based on the user’s location if the user is geo-closed.



As mobile app usage increases, push notifications are an opportunity you can’t miss. They are less intrusive than other customer engagement forms.

However, keep in mind that the information you provide must be adequate and convincing.

Otherwise, push notifications can become irritating and annoying, leading to negative perceptions of your app and business.

In short, innovative push notifications have become a winning marketing strategy for many companies.

Therefore, sending relevant, well-designed and timely push messages to those who already show interest in your business can be a great marketing strategy.

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