Top 5 Virtual Classroom Solutions

In the current situation, training and learning are not restricted by classrooms or classrooms. They cross all boundaries through virtual classroom solutions, ensuring real-time interaction between teachers and students. Wherever you are, you can take a course and start learning right away.

Here are the 5 best virtual classroom solutions for you to read.

1. ezTalks Webinar

ezTalks webinar creates a new dimension in the world of virtual classroom solutions.  Organizing and managing your own virtual classroom becomes very easy with rich features.

  • Create free courses in minutes

You can start using your email, you can log in using “Google” or “Facebook”. It then allows you to schedule classes and send invitation emails to remind students to join the course.

  • Provide a world-class learning experience

Each virtual classroom can hold 100 students for free, while the paid version allows up to 10,000 students at an affordable price. Students from all over the world have access to virtual classrooms with any type of device, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

  • Provide a personalized learning experience

Customize the look and feel of the virtual classroom is feasible, impress your own virtual classroom by adding a logo, uploading a custom background image, decorating your waiting room, etc., and if necessary you can set up paid classes through PayPal integration.

  • Provide an interactive learning experience

Practical tools such as online whiteboards, screen sharing, and instant chat can help you discuss and interact with them. For better engagement, you can use surveys and surveys to learn more about student opinions or set the vote as a test in the classroom.

  • Track the results of the classes

You can get the most out of the classroom by analyzing classroom performance, records, student statistics, and reports. If you choose to record a class, you can share recordings for your students to play and get more attention from social platforms.

2. Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard is another well-known virtual classroom solution that provides convenient interaction between teachers and students.

You can find some of the best features on the whiteboard, such as web-conferencing, audio-conferencing, voice authoring, etc. For organizations, the whiteboard provides instant messaging and licenses.

3. Etklm

Etklm Virtual Classroom is an Educational Class Conferencing system for on-line learning. Gives you all the core features you would expect from a commercial web conferencing system including real-time sharing of audio, video, presentation, and screen – along with collaboration tools such as multi-user whiteboard, shared notes, polling, public/private chat, emojis, and breakout rooms.

It can record your sessions for later playback.

Also runs on desktop and laptop computers within the latest version of Chrome, FireFox, or Edge browser. There is no binary to download, no application to install.

And runs within Safari Mobile (default browser) on iOS version 12.2+, and the Chrome browser on Android version
6.0+. also runs on Chromebooks using the Chrome browser.

4. Adobe Connect

It is a virtual classroom solution of audio and video, as well as a webinar solution, designed and distributed by the service. Adobe Connect includes many business features and tools you need to master a virtual classroom. Adobe Connect ensures seamless interaction between interns and trainers.

The software provides integration of Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes as part of its extended service support. You can stream live video with this solution.

From the world’s leading companies, such as Adobe, you can expect transparent and transparent audio and video quality from this solution. Recording sessions is also very easy in several situations, such as when you want to upload them to YouTube.

Interestingly, this solution gives you a separate chat room where you can separate them to discuss them with other attendees depending on your topic. Unlike ezTalks Webinar, Adobe Connect is not free and you need to subscribe to your program to get these benefits. However, the features you get are worth your investment.

5. Electa Live

Electa Live is a widely accepted virtual classroom solution on the market.

Therefore, you can attend or organize your learning sessions based on your time and location. Your network collaboration is very useful for networking with students from different locations. With students through this virtual classroom solution. Other features such as file sharing, communication, IM can also use this Electa Live.

Therefore, these are the best virtual classroom solutions available for virtual training courses. You can take advantage of them to get all the benefits.



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