What can Zoho do?

Zoho is a popular cloud-based customer relationship management solutions provider with over 25 online applications including invoices, project management, wiki, notes, databases, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing, and other software.

In this article, we will describe the company itself, as well as a list of products, to help you decide whether or not they are something your company should consider. We’ll discuss the key benefits of each service and explain how they can increase your team’s productivity, increase your sales, and otherwise improve your workflow.


What is Zoho?

Zoho is divided into three divisions:

  • Zoho.com delivers online collaboration, productivity, and business applications
  •  Management Engine Provides Enterprise IT Management
  • WebNMS meets Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements

Headquartered in Plesington, California, with offices in Austin, New Jersey, Beijing, Tokyo, and London. The company’s software development centers are located in Chennai and Tenkasi, India, as well as Beijing and Singapore.

is a private company with more than 3,500 employees in offices worldwide. The company said it was a profitable business and did not receive funds from abroad.

Zoho History

It was founded in 1996 by Sri Darwemb and Tony Thomas. Its original name is Vembu software, which works in a small apartment in Chennai, India.

The company changed its name to Adventnet in 2005 and focused on developing a range of IT management solutions such as test automation, information security, and database search products.

Today it has more than 50,000 customers and most are small businesses. The main brands of products used include Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Quantum, Nokia, Motorola, Lockheed Martin, Citrix, Cisco.


4 Best Zoho Products:


  • Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is a leading web-based CRM designed to attract, retain and satisfy customers to improve their business. The software is suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as large companies.

  • Zoho Invoice

Why does the Zoho invoice appear in the Zoho product list? First, the application is a widely used finance and accounting software that helps companies create and manage invoices.The system is also used by startups, as well as freelancers such as photographers, web designers, and writers. You can use this software to create, manage and send professional invoices online, as well as choose from design templates, or make your own custom design for your business.

  • Zoho Projects

is a popular project management software that helps users improve the efficiency of business projects and complete them within a set time frame. Application load feature to facilitate project monitoring, improve team collaboration, and increase productivity and productivity.

  • Zoho Support

Is a help desktop application that provides a dynamic set of built-in features, including ticket management, reports, and automation tools.

Companies can use the software to build and maintain efficient and lasting relationships with their customers.

Your customers use multiple channels, such as email and live chat, as well as social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.


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