Zoho CRM VS Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM VS Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM

If you want to manage your customer relationships in a better and efficient way, then Zoho CRM is the right tool for your company.

It has a wide range of integrations and tools to help you effectively manage your sales process. Zoho has changed his module for the last 3 years. The user interface has changed dramatically and this is a good direction.

Why Zoho CRM?

In today’s business environment, this type of information exchange is ideal and necessary. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has been the solution for many years.

But the challenge for most businesses is how to securely share contact details with employees and devices anytime, anywhere and in any device world. That’s why Zoho CRM One or CRM Plus has become our CRM solution in the cloud as Invoice, Campaigns, Desk, Books, Inventory, SalesIQ, Quick, or Email.

Features and prices of Zoho CRM

Believe it or not, some things are free, including Zoho basic CRM for up to 3 users. With the free plan, you get:

  • Basic CRM: the ability to track leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, tasks, events, call logs, notes
  • Teamwork
  • Integration of social networks with Weibo and Facebook
  • Standard reporting
  • User profiles and roles
  • Marketing automation — 10 email templates, email exclusion and website visitor tracking (via Zoho salesIQ)
  • Network leaders and network contact forms
  • API for third-party integration
  • Page Layout and Label Customization
  • Basic workflow automation

Zoho CRM Plus

Many organizations use different software systems to manage email, phone calls, customer relationship management, and more for their sales, marketing, and support teams. Because customer information is isolated, it is difficult to understand customer behavior, improve interdepartmental and inter-team collaboration, and monitor and track analytics in real-time.

It is also difficult to determine the phase of the customer lifecycle, and there is only a single view of the customer data. Therefore, the only way for an organization to overcome these challenges is through a complete view of customer data on an often time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly software platform.

With a suite of enterprise applications in the cloud, organizations have fewer barriers to creating the best possible customer experience. Zoho CRM Plus includes sales automation, seller-only email client, visitor tracking, help desk, project collaboration, marketing automation, social media, customer surveys, campaign management, and metrics and KPI.

, so your sales, marketing and support team is not only easier to understand each customer’s history and have a single view of their data, but also cheaper. CRM Plus enables organizations to improve operational efficiency, maintain customer satisfaction, and accelerate business growth. Outside prospects to close transactions to provide support and retain loyal customers, Zoho CRM Plus is with you at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

and Zoho CRM, you can: increase customer engagement, collaboration, and productivity between sales, marketing, and support teams, reduce operating costs, improve sales performance, sales conversion and return on investment, and help your sales team make better sales decisions

Shortening sales cycles provides superior customer service, targets the right audience, tracks competitors and events, builds brand identity and reputation, measures and analyzes social media performance, tracks revenue Simplifies teamwork.

Be more organized, collaborate better, and identify marketing trends with clear visibility of project metrics integrated with Zoho projects, and make informed decisions to accelerate business growth with real-time reporting. The following scenario illustrates how Zoho CRM plus can be used.

Zoho CRM Plus comes with the following features:

  • Sales Automation
  • Seller Email Client
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Customer Service
  • Project cooperation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media
  • Customer Survey
  • Event Management
  • Metrics and KPI
  • Centralized user management

Zoho CRM Plus also offers customization options. With advanced automation, you can create workflows, schedules, web forms, update rules, lead assignments and approvals, and notifications.

Suppose you plan to launch a new product. You can create a social media campaign or an email campaign. With the help of SmartQ, you can publish publications to the target audience.

You can then track your campaign response so you can identify who visited your website in your campaign and automatically turn it into leads. You can also instantly interact with site visitors and answer their questions through live chat.

Once you have created new leads, you can contact them by phone, email, chat or through other channels supported by Zoho CRM. Start receiving sales inquiries from leads and find emails stacked in your inbox.

, you can organize and prioritize emails, create filters that reflect sales priorities, and see how your contacts progress during the sales lifecycle. You can also perform CRM activities directly from your inbox, automate the lead conversion process, set up rules to create leads, contacts, and transactions, allocate time to alert you when you need to listen to leads that are most important to you.

Also you can now track all subsequent conversations and transactions, and once the agreement wins, you can create a project, set milestones, create tasks, track project activities and project issues, and close them activities and deliverables.

Once your customers have purchased your product, you can help them through technical support. Track customer tickets, define their SLAs, and measure customer satisfaction. You can create advanced surveys to get regular customer feedback to improve your products.

Contact your customers and build lasting relationships with them by creating, sending, and tracking your email activities. Create campaigns so you can sell and sell your products, segment your list of subscribers and add new subscribers to share your campaigns on social networks and see how they’re doing in real-time.

You can create reports and business intelligence dashboards to analyze customer data and make informed decisions. You can set goals, create contests, and motivate your sales team to do better with Zoho incentives. Through competitions, you can encourage healthy competition among team members and help them win. Trophies and badges close every deal with them and generate more revenue.

The centralized user management feature allows you to add and manage Zoho CRM pus users from a centralized location. With centralized user management, you can ensure your customer data is secure without introducing complex processes. With better customer support, you can manage all the processes of your sales, marketing and support team with Zoho CRM Plus.

Browser Requirements

To access and use Zoho CRM Plus, the following browser requirements are recommended:

  • Chromo-10 and above
  • Firefox – 8 and above
  • ie 10 years or more
  • Safari – 5 and above
  • Opera -12.1 and above.

Zoho CRM VS Zoho CRM Plus

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