Zoho Updates, New Features, and Issues | September 2021

Welcome back again to your Zoho Updates in September 2021. In the past month, we’ve seen a variety of improvements across Zoho Books and Zoho CRM. In this digest, you’ll find time-saving new features, how CRM is making user experiences even more customizable, and the way Zoho Desk is making the power to relate contacts to multiple accounts simpler!

Keep reading for details about What’s New, Zoho Updates September 2021.

New Features & Improvements from Zoho

Zoho CRM

  • The new feature in CRM allows you to assign the record owner through a Workflow. You may now define conditions in Workflows, and therefore the owner is going to be assigned when the condition is met. Zoho says, “Records are often assigned to users, roles, users who create or modify records, or to those mentioned within the Assignment rule criteria.” Additionally, “owner assignments are going to be triggered ONLY from the primary workflow rule that it matches. For the next workflows, all other actions except owner assignment are going to be executed.”
  • Adding Users to Zoho CRM just got easier with the power to import up to 1000 users at a time. Admin profiles and people with Manage User permissions can now import users into their organization’s account using .xls, .xlsx, or .csv file types. Learn more from Zoho’s help article on this subject.
  • Webform Analytics in CRM has new metrics and charts available. Metrics for time spent on fields, field correction rate, drop rate, and therefore the order that fields are filled are often put to use in your analytics. You now even have access to device source for form submissions. Individual form analytics now display average time spend and therefore the abandon rate in submissions. Having this information available helps in analyzing your form success rates and adjusting forms for better engagement.
  • Expanded capabilities including Subform Fields now exist once you map dependency. Previously only fields from the layout were available to be mapped.
  • Zoho introduced their new CRM designer called Canvas, calling it “the industry’s first CRM design studio. “This no-code, the drag-and-drop design studio is made into Zoho CRM and allows users to make contextual, immersive experiences for his or her teams.” Learn more about it from Zoho.
  • Email status updates make filters more straightforward so finding who responded to your messages is possible. The Latest Email Status filter now includes “Responded” as an option. Use this and “Opened and Not responded” to segment your contacts for better communication messaging, for instance, positioning follow-ups.

Zoho Desk

  • Have you ever needed to associate a contact with multiple accounts? Now you’ll select to enable this Accounts feature in Zoho Desk, and choose to relate one contact to multiple accounts. You can learn more here.

Zoho Books

  • Custom Reports in Books gives you the potential now to save lots of your customizations. Find them instantly and use them again and again. There’s increased flexibility around user control, for instance, who can view, export, or schedule custom reports.
  • New from Zoho Books, “Once you reconcile an account, you’ll now print the reconciliation details also. You can print the transaction details, transaction type, deposits, and withdrawals.”
  • Increased capabilities to pick the customer advance accounts for tracking and recording excess payments, and configure the default account for tracking excess payments.

ZOHO UPDATES Application Updates from Zoho

Zoho Desk

  • The Community module in Zoho Desk has had three updates this past month including:
  • Assigning category visibility to “agents only.” This makes topics in these categories internal and visual to agents only.
  • New key category metrics are now available including # of forums, @ of topics and comments received % of topics created under each topic type and more.
  • Increased functionality around controlling the ability to choose who can post and reply to topics during a category.

Issues Notices from Zoho

Zoho Creator

  • Creator unrolled a group of minor fixes product-wide including bugs associated with adding and deleting fields in forms, the issue with record detail view in the blueprint, a minor issue in file preview, and several additional minor issues.
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